If you have read various materials on Daoism, then you probably noticed a large number of symbols: Tiger, Dragon, Fire, Water, Crane, Cinnabar, Mercury, Sulfur, Gold, etc. Different Schools, revealing the essence of the Dao, denoted the same concepts in different terms but did not disclose the entire practice. Then there are always many who wish to profit from misunderstandings, so a lot of myths and misconceptions about Daoism and spiritual practices have now spread. Here we aim to make clarification spiritual practices of Daoism from the point of view of Yuxianpai School.

Ancient Method

We, the people of the 21st century, are accustomed to somehow condescendingly look at antiquity. Like, we have science, we went into space, but what was there before, mammoth skins and primitive drawings? However, we are missing the main thing here: the ancient man possessed qualities that we no longer have. By studying the ancient texts,Continue reading “Ancient Method”

Heart to Heart Transmission of Daoist Alchemy

Neidan (Daoist Internal Alchemy) does not rely on the theory-proof model as it is commonly understood in the Western countries. It is accepted by its serious practitioners that the methods and practices of Neidan were empirically validated by previous Masters of the past. For this reason, the Teachers (and Instructors) role is not to prove,Continue reading “Heart to Heart Transmission of Daoist Alchemy”

Correct attitude toward self-cultivation during Daoist practices

Enter relaxation Relaxation and comfort when performing exercises are the basic requirements for Daoist practices at Dao De. They are the main tools for a beginner, sometimes even more than the exercises themselves. In our experience people are usually begin practice being squeezed, and tense, they perform exercises as if they are being watched andContinue reading “Correct attitude toward self-cultivation during Daoist practices”

What is Daoism

Daoism is an ancient system centered on Huanglao’s 黃老 (Huangdi & Laozi) natural and heavenly Daoism formed in ancient times. In ancient times Daoism was called Teachings of Huanglao. The theory of Daoism is based on Dao: Dao is the highest source in the world, Dao is the origin of everything in the universe, DaoContinue reading “What is Daoism”

What is Dao 道

Dao is often called as “The Way”, understood as a “Flowing Principle”, but in traditional Daoism from Alchemical perspective, what does 道 really mean? People have all kinds of interpretations, most of them incorrect. Being one with the Natural principle of things is Human Dao (人道Ren Dao). To lose Dao is to lose Human Dao first of all. It means people stopContinue reading “What is Dao 道”

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