Correct attitude toward self-cultivation during Daoist practices

Enter relaxation

Relaxation and comfort when performing exercises are the basic requirements for Daoist practices at Dao De. They are the main tools for a beginner, sometimes even more than the exercises themselves. In our experience people are usually begin practice being squeezed, and tense, they perform exercises as if they are being watched and judged, and performing in an external mechanical way, rather than a natural internal way.

To compare, dancing or gymnastics are clear examples of when a student should repeat movements based on mechanical external forms and beauty, but often such movements are disrupting the natural flow of Qi-energy. While yes it is true, the student of Daoist practices should try to repeat external form as close as possible to what the instructor is performing, but there are differences to point out. Firstly, Instructors have knowledge and experience with the structure of channels and human energy, and the instructor in the classroom will always point out mistakes. Secondly, the main initial self development goal in Daoism is the process of developing the correct structure and the sensitivity of Qi-energy. These inner changes, will gradually appear and develop inside the student as he continues to practice day to day, month to month and year to year – and this is not about the external form.

Don’t strain yourself

We are used to the fact that in order to do something, you need to strain yourself, overcome yourself, force your body to perform some hard movements, withstand loads. Although to a certain extent it is necessary to try to straighten yourself, but it is fundamentally wrong to over strain and endure pain during the practice of Daoist alchemy or Qigong. When parts of the body is strained, the Qi-energy is strained, the mind is tensed, thus Qi-energy cannot freely pass through the body, the correct circulation of blood and Qi-energy is disrupted, hence deviations cam develop, and in serious cases it is possible for and diseases to develop.

Correct state of internal harmony

During practice, we learn to always control our own state, the position of the body, we learn to feel comfortable in every situation. By performing the exercises correctly, monitoring the condition and feeling confident when getting results, a person develops the skill to do the same in life.

Without even considering the power of the methods being learnt and the instructor, the attendances of students to regular classes has the ability to change the character of the student.

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