Introduction to Daoist Alchemy – Neidan

After human beings are born from their mothers and grow into adults, the “jing, qi and spirit” that constitute the original body of the human body will gradually be depleted, followed by the continuous decline of physiological functions, so various diseases begin to invade the human body, and so on. With the continuation of depletion,Continue reading “Introduction to Daoist Alchemy – Neidan”

Yuan Qi Energy – The Basis of Life

We already know that the cosmos is a certain functioning of qi energy. Here we analyse what this means for a person and what kind of energy it is. Pre-heaven Qi – Xian tian qi The most important is pre-heaven qi (xian tian qi 先天炁), also known as original qi (yuan qi 元炁). 先 (first/prior/pre)Continue reading “Yuan Qi Energy – The Basis of Life”

Heart to Heart Transmission of Daoist Alchemy

Neidan (Daoist Internal Alchemy) does not rely on the theory-proof model as it is commonly understood in the Western countries. It is accepted by its serious practitioners that the methods and practices of Neidan were empirically validated by previous Masters of the past. For this reason, the Teachers (and Instructors) role is not to prove,Continue reading “Heart to Heart Transmission of Daoist Alchemy”

Key differences between Qigong and Neidan

Many people in the world, and so called Masters and Teachers of Dao or other traditions misunderstand classic texts and start to build their own systems based on false assumptions or ideas. It leads to a very important issue, discussed many times in the Daoist books: Neidan Inner Alchemy vs Qigong (or similar practices withContinue reading “Key differences between Qigong and Neidan”