History of the School of Daoist Alchemy “Wu Liu Pai”

“The elixir methods of the school of Wu Chongxu and Liu Huayan are the combined virtues of all schools that have passed through the centuries”

Teacher of Single Yang

The perfect man Wu Chongxu at one time received a School from two patriarchs of the Dragon Gate School in the 7th generation: Wang Kunyang and Cao Huanyang, as well as Master Li Niwan. Master Liu Huayan is a devoted disciple of the perfect man Wu Chongxu. The Wu Liu Pai school adheres to the cultivation of jing, the original energy of qi and the spirit-shen, and the transitions-changes in the connection between them. The school expounds 练精化炁 (refining the essence jing into the yuanqi), 练炁化神 (refining the yuanqi into spirit-shen ), 练神化虚 (refining the spirit-shen into the void), 练虚合道 (refining the void and connecting with the Dao). The basis of qi of the pre-heaven (yuan qi) and the spirit-shen completely permeates throughout all methods.

The methods of the Wu Liu School not only brought together the best of many schools of Daoism, but also included the doctrines of Buddhism and Confucianism. The head of the School, Wu Chongxu, in his essay “The Common Teachings of Immortals and Buddhas” explained in detail the general principles of various teachings, and the truth of “3 teachings returning to unity”. The methods of the Wu Liu Pai School, taking the most important Buddhist works, such as “金刚经”, “楞严经”, “华严经” and others, combined with the works of perfect people of each direction of Daoism, fused into a single system, created based on the original School of the Dragon Gate Teachings – Perfect Truth Daoism, but also no longer fully belonging to the Dragon Gate School.

The Chan master Liu Huayan was originally a Buddhist monk, after he renounced monasticism and began to follow the teachings of the Dao, he passed the rite of initiation as a student at Wu Chongxu’s School, received his teachings, carried out practical and theoretical studies and attested to the similarities of the methods of early Buddhism and the heavenly small circle in Daoism. After having properly understood the methods, he wrote the well-known works “On Understanding the Destiny 慧命经” and “Certifying the Doctrine of the Golden Immortals (jin from Huayanjing and the indestructible body of jingang, indicate the level of Shenxian). The books of the School completely included the works of Wu Chongxu and Liu Huayang, they contain the most important works of the Northern School of Alchemy (the dual perfection of nature and fate), the Southern, Western and Eastern schools of alchemy, as well as the Zhang Sanfeng School and the Middle School. In addition, the treaties “Correct Principles of Celestial Immortality”, “Common-Joint-Complete Teaching of the Immortals and Buddhas”, “On the Understanding of Fate 慧命经”, “Certifying Doctrine of the Golden Immortals”, Wu Liu’s school also included: 八脉经 “Treatise on Eight canals” of the perfect husband Zhang Ziyang (Zhang Boduan) – southern school, 后天串述 “Connected exposition of the subsequent sky” and 涵虚调息法 “Hanxu’s breathing regulation methods) Li Hanxu 李涵虚, 潜虚翁调息法 “Adjustment methods Qianxuwen’s Perfect Husband Lu Xixing 陆西星, and Perfect Husband Zhang Sanfeng’s Sanfeng Breath Adjustment Methods, so many teachings of the Daoist schools of alchemy were combined into a single whole, summarising expound that in fact, the great Dao of alchemy (golden elixir) is in all cases is identical to one method.

If we talk about transmission, then the Wu Liu Pai school of alchemy, continuing the tradition of the Dragon Gates of Perfect Truth, collected the best of other areas of alchemy, Buddhist methods of practice, other methods of practice of Daoist schools, and combined them into a single system, forming the Wu Liu Pai school that departed from Dragon Gate. More than 400 years have passed since the formation of the school, it has been widely developed and does not weaken, and to this day its foundation is strong, and the results are numerous, the flow of Dao practitioners is large.

The skill of this school considers the development of the person himself, and the improvement of the original jing, qi, and shen, thereby achieving longevity and health. Our school is the direction of “pure cultivation” (i.e. single), dual improvement of nature and destiny (soul and energy), but in fact, it retains all the methods of the 3 original elixirs (i.e. single, pair cultivation, and external alchemy), but the method of heavenly primordial (single cultivation) is mostly taught. A beginner to practice according to the Wu Liu Pai school, first of all, uses the mobilisation of the yuanqi mechanism of the pre-heaven energy in himself, circulating it through the 14 channels of his own body, subsequently spreading it to every part of the body, forcing his own zhenqi to pass through 4 limbs and all the bones of the skeleton, achieving the adjustment of the yin-yang of one’s own body, exactly what is described as the passage of the channels of Chinese medicine and the adjustment of the physiological balance of Western medicine. Thus, it leads to health, in the presence of diseases they are cured, and in the absence of diseases – prolonging of years, and longevity are achieved.

The main thing in the Wu Liu Pai School is the way of improvement and confirmation based on one’s own experience of becoming a Buddha and an Immortal, this is the result of improvement in the practice of our School of Wu Chongxu – Liu Huayan. In the process of cultivation, there are many who have achieved results and completed the Dao, so the School of Wu Chongxu – Liu Huayan is the ladder of the shortest path for those who cultivate in the Dao.

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