December Big Online Intensive Seminar

We are happy to invite everyone to our Big Winter Online Intensive Seminar that will take place 02-04 and 09-11 of December 2022! This is a big workshop where we teach Yuxianpai Daoist Methods online

On the eve of a new stage in the spread of the True Dao around the world, the Daoist Center DAODE conducts extensive teaching for everyone according to the traditional Daoist method of practice in the Yuxianpai School.

  • Introductory stage of Yuxianpai School.
  • Gymnastics for activation and cleaning of body centers and channels, inner work, and 24 movements of harmonizing self-massage of Yuxianpai School.
  • The Complete First Stage of the Yuxianpai School
  • 5 methods for internal Zang-organs of Wu-Xing, which determine the functioning of the human body.
  • Steps (walking) method and 3 levels of Lying down the practice of the Yuxianpai School.
  • For the first time: The basic practice of the Ancient Northern Method of the WuLiuPai School. This is a method that is described in the main Daoist Treatise – Dao De Jing.

If you’re interested please email us at


Program: 22hours of the main part

  • Full Introductory Yuxianpai set
  • Yuxianpai Inner work
  • Shengong – kidney method
  • Gangong – liver method
  • Xingong – heart method
  • Pigong – spleen method
  • Feigong – lung method
  • Ending Yuxianpai self-massage
  • Yuxianpai Steps (walking) levels 1 and 2
  • Yuxianpai Sleep method level 1-3
  • Introduction to Ancient WuLiupai Method
  • Looking into the Daoist theory
    – Considering the major Chapters of “Baopuzi” by Ge Hong and “Wuzhenpian” by Zhang Boduan

Price: 750 USD (+applicable commission)

If you’re interested please email us at

OPTIONAL COURSES (not required)
– 5 Organ method corrections – 4 x 1.5h – 150 USD
  Corrections on Yuxianpai 5 organ methods – detailed corrections for students

– Broad Northern WuLiupai Meditation – 4 x 1h – 190 USD
Detailed workout and study of practices of the Broad Northern WuLiuPai Method (it is not the same as the Ancient Northern Method – these are two completely different methods! The Broad Northern Method is not described in Dao De Jing but is described in later texts and treatises)

– Additional Yuxianpai: Weigong (digestive system method) + blood correction + Sleep method lvl4 – 2 x 1h – 190 USD
Yuxianpai Weigong method – 6th organ method by Ma Danyang Patriarch – dedicated to the Stomach and Intestines (recommended for everyone in order to remove the negative effects of improper diet). Sleep method for blood pressure balancing – this is a must-have method for those who have unstable blood pressure in order to lower or raise the blood pressure during sleep time.

– Extraordinary method level 1 – 2 x 1h – 230 USD
First time: II Stage of Yuxianpai School Extraordinary method – This method goes after the 6th organ method and is dedicated to opening so-called extraordinary vessels in the human body. Doing so prepares our body for further alchemical transformations.

– Yuxianpai backbone method (Water Dragon) – 2 x 1h – 140 USD
Yuxianpai Daoist Spine method – Water Dragon – the most natural and harmonic way to improve backbone energy and health.


Attention If you are unable to participate on one of the days, but you still would like to learn the material, please send a request. We are considering repeating part of the material on additional days later in December 2022 (the final schedule of it will be published after discussion with attendees)

Due to the rich program and number of participants, we will be unable to dedicate much attention to detailed corrections of each student. In order to do that there are optional training available to students that were outlined above.

If you’re interested please email us at

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