Perfection of the Spirit – Xing

XING 性, which is translated as nature, the nature of the heart. In Chinese it is also called 心性 XIN XING or 本性 BEN XING.

Xing in Chinese is about – spirit, soul, heart, or mind. This is the central practice of later teachings, to perfect the soul, to cleanse the heart, to achieve greater stability of mind – all these are important and certainly useful skills for anyone.

Later practices from Buddhism and Daoism pay 100 % attention to these methods, and many methods of them are completely correct. However, in terms of ancient Daoist Schools, this is an incomplete approach to human development – it is suitable for those to engage in sitting, in addition to the main alchemical practices. In Daoism, the main Xing method is known as the Late Northern Method from Longmen Pai, and although it is considered a completed Daoist Alchemy method to replenish Yuan Qi and even reach up to the highest stage of Tianxian.

To the modern city man, methods of relaxing the heart and achieving stable mental health are clearly beneficial. Therefore, the study of such teachings can only be welcomed as a supplement to everyday life. In this form, it will only balance the person’s condition and by the end of life, you can achieve great skill.

Xing is established starting from Ming. Without replenishing and perfecting of Ming (yuanqi) the true spiritual work is impossible.

Ancient sages

For those who want to achieve high results in the development of the Spirit, it is not enough to use only methods of development of the Xing. In terms of ancient Daoism, health and its foundation must be developed. This foundation is Ming in the terms of Daoism – necessary for any serious spiritual development. Without developed Ming, the development of the Xing (Spirit) at some stage is moving away from the ancient teaching and deviations are developing.

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