Heart to Heart Transmission of Daoist Alchemy

Neidan (Daoist Internal Alchemy) does not rely on the theory-proof model as it is commonly understood in the Western countries. It is accepted by its serious practitioners that the methods and practices of Neidan were empirically validated by previous Masters of the past. For this reason, the Teachers (and Instructors) role is not to prove, but rather to transmit – traditionally called heart to heart transmission. It is the student’s role to validate the training for himself/herself. That is, you are not required to believe anything to be true, but to practice the methods and experience the benefits for yourself.

Neither belief not proof is required, only self realisation by getting practical results and changes, gradually getting benefits everyday.

Learning from Traditional Chinese Masters

Learning from a traditional Chinese Master can bring up many issues for a western minded student, one of the things that can quickly alienate a western minded student is, a student showing up to learn, then expecting the traditional Chinese Master to prove something to them, for example, that it is possible to become a Shenxian? or is Qi real? for many teachers, they are not there to “prove” anything, but to transmit the principles and methods that they learnt from their teacher. In China, it is usually expected that the student has already decided that they accept, for example, that it is possible to become a Shenxian, and simply wants to know how to achieve such things and get results himself.

On the other hand, good teachers do not expect you to accept what they say on blind faith, but they do expect you to be committed to your practice and validate the methods for yourself, by experiencing changes inside yourself, for example in the beginning: developing the ability to feel Qi. There are levels of understanding which are based upon the student’s commitment and success in practice.

A teacher can transmit methods, but its up to the student to do their own practice, in Daoism it’s called self-cultivation.

Bridging the gap between East and West

At Dao De Center the Head/Seniors and Chief Instructors/Mentors in the School have the chance learn in China from Chinese Masters in the traditional way, so they understand the challenges in learning that way, and it is only because of Dimitri Artemiev (D.A) – the Head of the Dao De Centre, that his disciples were able to overcome these traditional barriers. Because the great in depth knowledge and research by Dimitri Artemiev on topics such as Chinese culture, scriptures, etymology, history, language, geography and more, it allowed firstly to get accepted into traditional school, and secondly able to absorb the knowledge.

Dao De Centre is a bridge between the eastern ancient knowledge and the modern western world.

At Dao De Centre we take a traditional approach but it is presented to our students in a more easy to understand and less strict format than would be found in China – otherwise, in our opinion and experience, it would be almost impossible for students to get fast results and absorb the heart of the teachings.

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