About us

We are devoted to the ancient methods of Dao cultivation traced back to Huang Di and Lao Zi, as taught in traditional schools of Daoist Internal Alchemy such as Yu Xian Pai.

Our Mission

Dao De Center is the official (and only) representative of Yuxiapai Traditional School outside of China.

The Yuxianpai (School of Ma Danyang, also known as School of Meeting Immortals) – is the Genuine Ancient Daoist School which takes it’s root from the Great Daoist of the – Ma Yu (Ma Danyang), Ma Yu is the senior Disciple of Wang Chongyang, the creator of Quanzhen School.

It’s our mission to spread the authentic ancient Dao, specifically the Daoist Alchemy among the world.

Our History

Dao De Centre was founded in St. Petersburg in 1997 by Dmitry Alexandrovich Artemiev, a student of prof. E.A. Torchinov, a researcher of the Chinese tradition, Taoism and martial arts.

For more than 25 years of studying the Chinese tradition, both in textual study and by searching for teachers and masters – carriers of the tradition in China, Dao De Centre managed to establish contact with more than 200 masters of qigong, alchemy, martial arts, among them:

  • Master Zhu Mingxian, patriarch of Ma Danyang Open Daoist School – Yuxianpai.
  • Teacher of the Single Yang, patriarch of the traditional Daoist Wu-Liu Pai School.
  • Master Yang Fansheng, patriarch of Xinyiquan School of Che Yizhai.
  • Master Hong Bao, one of the 3 best doctors of ancient Chinese medicine in China, a master of feng-shui, palmistry and physiognomy.
  • Master Hao Zheng – patriarch of the Taijiquan School of Wu-Hao.
  • Master He the heir of Zhao Daoxin’s Yiquan School,
  • Master Pan Hemin – creator and head of the Zhineng Qigong school.
  • and many others!

Thus, over the years, we have been fortunate enough to study and obtain permission to teach the very best systems and methods, and we have an official branch of Yuxianpai and Wuliupai in Russia.

For the first time, you can start practicing the traditional methods of the Yuxianpai Daoist School.

We annually organise trips to China to the Masters who supervise us and direct Dao De Centre. We also hold Intensive Seminars in Russia, and online where everyone is welcome!

The Centre was created to build a bridge from true Eastern (Chinese) masters, knowledge and culture to Russia, and now the Western world.

In our Centre we study and teach:

  • Daoist Alchemy
  • Internal martial arts (Taijiquan, Xinyiquan, Baguazhang, Yiquan)
  • Chinese medicine
  • Chinese nutrition
  • and many other subjects.

Originally Dao De Centre was only teaching Russians, but students from other countries started requesting training’s in English, so since 2014 we’ve begun special online classes and seminars for foreigners, and Dao De Centre now have experienced Instructors who managed to get private discipleship in Yuxianpai School, currently teaching only online, and it works very well for us and our students.