Instructor at Dao De Center, Disciple of Yuxianpai Daoism

Teaching under guidance and permission of Alexey Alexeevich Khokhlov (A.A.Khokhlov), Chief Instructor of Daoist Centere “Dao De”.



Dean T.Taylor

I have been studying and practicing Daoism since 2008 under interesting Masters, such as:

  • 2014 – Present – Master Alexey Alexeevich Khokhlov (A.A.Khokhlov) Chief Instructor of Daoist Centre “Dao De”, Transmission of Wu-Liupai School, Patriarch, Teacher of Single Yang (9th generation), Yuxianpai School (transmission in 20th generation), Patriarch, Zhu Mingxian.
  • Since 2008-2014 Master Dongyang, Quanzhen Dao Longmenpai 13th Generation Zhong Nan, 24th Generation Huashan Non-Religious, Zhong Nan School of Daoist Practice Lineage.

Since 2014 I’ve been studying Daoism of Yuxianpai School under Master Alexey.A.Khokhlov – in 2016 I became a private disciple, studiyng Yuxianpai Alchemy, I have also learnt highly effective Neigong designed to balance the body, understand Yin and Yang, containing many tools to cope with the modern life and most importantly prepare for Alchemy methods.

I have also had the lucky chance to learn the initial methods of Wuliupai School under Master Alexey.A.Khokhlov including Jui-yang-shen-gong (9 yang magic power gong) – a method to activate Yuanqi to cleanse the channels of the entire body, as well as learning a method “Closing Negative Energy Down” – removing negative energy from the organism, plus a few other interesting methods.

Additionally I have learnt initial stages of Wuhao Taiji. I have also practiced Chinese Calligraphy in my spare time – learnt initially under Master Dongyang, a true Master of painting and calligraphy.

What I Teach