Yuxianpai Daoist Alchemy

Wang Chongyang – Quanzhen – School of Ma Danyang (遇仙派 Yuxianpai) Neidan “School of Encountering Immortality”

Ma Danyang, the founder of Yuxianpai was the first (senior) Disciple of Wang Chongyang. So The School is older than the famous Longmenpai (Dragon Gate).

Dao De Center is the official (and only) representative of the Yuxiapai Traditional School in the West.

Yuxianpai School – The Ancient Northern Open School of Daoist Alchemy. Open school means that it is possible to obtain methods without the traditional passage of the rite and without taking on the obligations of a disciple.

Within the framework of this School, we are teaching preliminary Yuxianpai methods to prepare the body and channels for the main organ cleansing – belonging to the main stage of “laying the foundation” in Daoist alchemy.

You can get acquainted with the methods of the Yuxianpai School in our weekly classes.

In the program, students learn the following:
  • Preliminary preparation system of Yuxainpai school
  • Given the allowance – methods for deeply restoring and strengthening the functions of major internal organs according to Wuxing (5 elements).
  • Special auxiliary practices of Yuxainpai school to improve progress in alchemy and life itself.

A Daoist is a person who has chosen as one of his life priorities the study of Daoism as a practical science about changing and improving oneself and one’s life, the lives of one’s loved ones, as well as bringing harmony to society as a whole. If this desire is in your heart we welcome you to study with us.

Our classes are structured in such a way that those who begin to practice are gradually drawn into daily practice – after class, the body gains lightness, peace, and tranquility come in the soul – the body itself asks for training!

System and stages of Yuxianpai Inner Alchemy

Preliminary Preparation Methods

Preliminary preparation methods of Yuxainpai school is a unique exercise system specifically given to the modern human by the Yuxianpai School, given as a tool to self-regulate, harmonise, and maintain a healthy body and mind.

The Yuxianpai introductory methods correspond to traditional Daoism, and take into account Chinese medicine and emphasise the balance and alchemical integration of yin and yang energies within the body.

The aim of the Yuxianpai introductory methods is to open the body’s inner channels and provide a free and harmonious flow of Qi energy throughout the body to improve physical fitness, overall well-being, and longevity.

Consdiering the Masters decision, there is the possibility for students to begin on Daoshu stage described below. Once having passed examinations and achieving certain results in the introductory course. Though it is called “introductory” this could take 6-12 months subject to regular class attendance and stable home practice, it should not be taken lightly. The progress in these methods determines the student’s possibility to get results in later methods.

内丹术 金丹 – These methods have been existing for more than 680 years, first improve Ming – energy, then Xing – spirit.

Stage 1 – Daoshu (道术)

The first stage is a dynamic work with movements for the 5 Zang organs + Fu organs + 3 “marvelous” sets – opening cavities, 8 extraordinary channels – 9 methods in total which makes up the stage of “building the foundation”, most important stage for next stage of replenishing Ming-yuanqi to work.

At the first stage both Ming (yuanqi-original energy) and Xing (shen-original spirit) are refined. This is a “work to build the foundation”.

Goals: Replenishing 3 treasures (jing, qi, shen) of the body, restoring internal organs, opening special cavities, opening 8 extraordinary channels, connecting all organs and channels into a powerful system ready for the alchemical work.

Stage 2 – Xianshu (仙术)

At the second stage, mostly Ming is refined, Xing – not much.
This is a “work to refine Jing into Qi”.
Goals: obtaining the “remedy”, refining Jing into Qi.

Stage 3 – Shen refinement

The balance work – at the third stage, mostly Xing is refined, Ming – not much.
This is a “work to refine Qi into Shen”.
Goals: refining Qi into Shen and obtaining Dan-elixir.

Stage 4 – Return to Void

Surpassing profane and entering Saint-hood.
At the fourth stage, only Xing is refined. This is a “work to refine Shen and return to the Void”.

Auxiliary methods of Yuxianpai School collected over the centuries kept secret within the School:

  • Methods of practice during sleep of Yuxianpai School (Laying)
  • Special steps methods of Yuxianpai School (Walking)
  • Zhan Zhuang methods of Yuxianpai School (Post Standing – small group of advanced private disciples only)
  • Recipes and elixirs for the practice
  • Health methods for correcting walking, standing, teeth, hair, constipation, beauty, hemorrhoids, lymph node tumors, weight loss, and so on
  • Methods of diagnostics and treatment
  • Iron palm
  • 3 secret methods of Qi emitting and absorption of Yuxianpai school,
  • Cinnabar palm
  • Practice of Spiral Coiled Dragon
  • Hard Qigong
  • Taijiquan of Zhang Sanfeng & Sword of Taijiquan of Zhang Sanfeng
  • Continuous palms of Baguazhang
  • Acupuncture
  • Methods of exchanging Qi with trees and space
  • Methods of influence using Qi emitting