Signs of Incorrect Practice in Sitting Meditation

The most popular type of meditation consists in taking the correct position of the body, legs in a seated lotus position, and arms together – a special internal practice technique. In the process, skills are developed, such as:

  • Entering into peace
  • Disappearing thoughts
  • Stabilising emotions
  • Calming breathing
  • Relaxing the body
  • Getting rid of clamps and tensions
  • Calming the nervous system and psyche

Below we highlight the incorrect signs of practicing meditation. If you notice any of these signs below, it is a signal to you that your practice needs correction, or your methods are wrong.


With the wrong practice methodology of meditation, poor preparation of the body, an abundance of thoughts, and tension, a headache appears.

Pressure in any part of the head, neck

Often in modern systems of meditation, this is considered a sign of purification. This is wrong, this is a consequence of the presence of a tension in the body.

Tired after practice

If one immediately sits down in meditation without properly preparing the body, fatigue will occur. It is necessary to adjust the practice under the guidance of an experienced instructor.


If the body is not sufficiently prepared, blood and qi do not circulate freely throughout the body, then after meditation, such a feeling may arise. Many modern systems write that this is a sign of purification of emotions, but this is not the case, this is a sign of improper preparation for practice.

Pain sensation in the body

If a person has not properly prepared the body for the practice of meditation, then pain and discomfort may occur, the best system of meditation is the one that prepares the body for practice in advance.

Abundant thinking

Abundant thinking indicates a poor preparation of the body and a wrong method of meditation itself. With practice, thinking should go away, up to a complete stop.

Trembling in the muscles

When the muscles and tendons were not sufficiently and incorrectly worked out, and all the features of the practice and additional factors were not taken into account, tremors in the muscles may occur. With the right technique, such phenomena should not occur, the practice should be harmonious and pleasant.

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