Experience antiquity of Ancient Northern Daoism of Yu Xian Pai School

Yu Xian Pai School, the only ancient Northern Open School of Daoist Alchemy (neidan) in the west, everything else is modern sitting methods. Yu Xian Pai methods have existed more than 680 years, created by Ma Danyang – famous for his poem about 12 meridian points. “Yu Xian” means “Encounter Immortality”

Now you have the chance to learn the secret methods created by Ma Danyang, and kept secret within the Yu Xian Pai lineage.

You can get acquainted with ancient methods of Yu Xian Pai in our weekly classes. In current the program, students learn the following:.

  • Deep preparation methods of Yu Xain Pai school
  • Methods for deeply restoring and strengthening of the functions of major internal organs according to Wuxing (5 elements)
  • Secret auxiliary practices of Yu Xian Pai to improve progress and help manage life itself.

We are openly teaching how to prepare the body and the 12 meridians network which is part of the main 1st stage of inner alchemy “laying the foundation” – cleansing and empowering the 5 Zang + Fu organs. These methods are not based on common sitting as you may be familiar with. It is practical, dynamic and powerful exercises working with the internal energy-qi system, and also on the spirit – shen.

Dao De Centre are learning from the current Patriarch of the School in China, Zhu Ming Xian.

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The study of Daoism is a practical science about changing and improving oneself and one’s life, the lives of loved ones, as well as bringing harmony to society as a whole. If this desire is in your heart we welcome you to study with us.