Taijiquan Wu-Hao Style

Taijiquan is the art of managing energy and finding harmony in movement between yin and yang. Taijiquan is credited to the Daoist patriarch Zhang Sanfeng. This is an Internal Daoist style of Wushu (martial arts), which allows you to build a body and energy structure that is correct from the point of view of Daoist practices.

Taijiquan is used to develop an internal energy structure and increase the flow of Qi through meridians.

Most have heard a great deal about Taijiquan in terms of practising forms – and usually, their experience ends here, others have even heard about the inner work of Taijiquan – but still yet to understand what it is.

The Wu-Hao Taijiquan direction is the style of Taijiquan that will resolve your doubts from both practical and theoretical sides.

Our Teacher is Master Hao Zheng in China, a descendant of the founder of the style and the patriarch of Taijiquan Wu Hao Lineage – we received the direct line of transmission.

We adhere to an effective traditional teaching methodology. Therefore, not only forms are given, as is found in the majority of modern Taijiquan classes today, but as well the internal work of Taijiquan.