Unique Daoist Qigong Methods

Traditional Daoist Qigong System– it is a powerful and unique system of healing and self-knowledge, used to develop sensitivity to Qi energy, and for purifying and strengthening the body. These exercises have been received from several high level Chinese Masters in China. Dao De Centre learnt these methods directly in China, and assembled them into a system that allows you to “work with Dao”.

The Dao De Daoist Qigong system is based on more than 25 years of study of China’s spiritual traditions of Inner Alchemy, various Daoist practices, and exercises of Qigong, Neigong and Internal Martial Arts.

We use these methods to restore modern people back to state of harmony, and positive energy.

Our Daoist Qigong includes the most effective and greatest exercises of traditional Daoist Qigong schools, as well as exercises from several Internal Martial Arts schools (Taijiquan, Yiquan, Xinyiquan).

The system consists of several steps, each step increasing in advancement and developing self-knowledge and self-development, gaining ability to work with Qi, understand it’s changes and character.

It’s possible for our students to get acquainted with the real Ancient Chinese Tradition. Learning from this tradition will bring benefit for themselves, their family’s, and even society – for health, and spiritual development.

Traditional Daoist qigong methods that gives a person a first step to “feeling the Dao“.

Giving the opportunity to feel the ancient knowledge inside them.

Dao De Daoist Qigong System consists of 3 main parts:

1. The coming of Qi

The title says that the system is primarily aimed at achieving practising practitioners’ sustained feelings of qi and developing skills to work with these sensations, energy lines and fields. This system of static-dynamic exercises for opening channels, increasing the sensitivity and skill of moving energy consists of three groups of exercises:

a) Exercises for the discovery of energy channels and the skill of sensing energy and working with it. The exercises are designed in such a way that already at the first lesson the practitioner receives a stable sense of energy and can act on it, achieving a sustainable sensation and transformation of energy.

b) The system of exercises of self-diagnosis and control of a person’s inner Qi field, as well as exercises to cleanse and harmonize three parts of the body – three levels of energy functioning. Also, with the help of special sounds, purify the heart, spleen-stomach and kidney systems. With the help of these exercises, a stable habit of self-regulation of the organism is acquired and the degree of understanding of the state of energy of other people is increased.

c) Exercises to strengthen the skill of moving energy and increasing its field.

2. Work with life force

The system of dynamic exercises for opening joints and working out the body with special exercises for the balance of yin and yang. Includes exercises of health-improving Taijiquan, a set of separate exercises for the study of dynamic movements in the human body with the purpose of improving the channels and blood flow, and also for balancing the yin energy from the practice of self-diagnosis. These methods increase Yang in the body.

3. Methods of accumulating Qi

The most important Daoist methods for gathering the post-heaven Qi.